Is Poker Rocket Science?

The Saturn V rocket - the one that launched the majority of Apollo missions - consists of three stages. The first stage, or first gear, had the job of lifting the weighty rocket off the ground, defying Earth's gravity. Fully fuelled it weighed 5 million pounds, and would take the rocket about 40 miles upwards in a little over 2.5 minutes.

The second stage of the rocket was lighter in weight, smaller in size and had a moving start. Second gear's job was to accelerate through the upper atmosphere.

The third stage was smaller and lighter still. The third stage was used to propel the rocket out from Earth's orbit, releasing mankind from the clutches of the world and throwing them towards the eternity of space.

So what has this all got to do with poker?

Well, I've been hovering around the $80 mark for quite some time. My goal is the $100 mark. I've hit it very briefly and then plummeted back down, and then gone on a good run and almost hit that three figure number again, but then gone back down. I seem to be bungee jumping all over the place. I'm constantly having a $30 swing and can't seem to escape the clutches of the two-figure numbers. I have momentum; I've broken away from the ground, traveling through the upper atmosphere. Now I just need my rocket boosters to kick in so I can slip clear of two-figure orbit.

And yes, that was a rather late, tenuous analogy!


It's been a while...

Don't worry, neither myself or Pablo have stopped playing poker... it's just been a while since our last post. I guess we have both been getting more "serious" if that's possible. A lot of analysis etc...

I think both myself and Pablo have had amazing winning streaks destroyed by equally amazing losing streaks...losing at least $100 each since our last post. But that is poker, and when you're on a learning curve like we both are, these swings can be quite sharp. However, I think we have curbed these swings somewhat, by stepping down to the 5c/10c from the 10c/25c and getting some Tilt control.

So now we are both on a steady upward curve, which obviously does have its ups and downs, but mainly is positively going upwards. And that is due to a simple but quite difficult mindset to get into. We both realize now, that if we have a losing session, which every poker player does, it's making sure that we lose the minimum, so that we are not playing catch up, when/if we go on a winning session in the future.

As all poker fans will know it's the WSOP... and it's the main event... ELKY is still in a healthy position with about 1.5 million chips, and James Akenhead is still up there with over 2 million chips... however Phil Ivey is up to around 1.5 million after being down at 275k yesterday.. what will happen if he makes another run tonight....

Pablo and I intend to play the main event... in about 10 years time! But we will play it....