Time to write again...

So I realized the other day that neither myself nor Pablo have really made any effort to keep this blog thing up to date. I think we both might have had a poker down swing and the fact that all you have to blog about is how you played bad, got another bad beat or got sucked out on, is a little hard to repeat in words. Ha ha

But perhaps it shouldn't be all about us, and as well as updating you to our failings on the virtual felt we can as well, perhaps post some links to cool stuff on the forums, as well as any strategy or news or anything we might want to comment on, regarding poker.

So just to let you know where I am (ollyscope), I managed to get my roll up to $400, that took about 3 months. But the learning curve on that journey was awesome and I learn a lot! I then managed to tilt off all of that in about 2 days, and the learning curve on that experience was also very very benefical, and costly! However, I have spun $30 into $348 in about 8 days. Which is quite cool. Mainly playing 10nl deepstack, buying in for $15 and multi-tabling on just only two tables!

I have read some of my eariler posts from last yea. Oh WOW... I cannot believe how bad I was, or how better I have become. To read some of the plays and lines I took, it's a little embarassing now, but thats what we should expect I guess, as we progress.

Well this is post number one for me, for the new year and I hope to do better in updates this year as well... hopefully Mr Bueno will offer some musing tomorrow, at some point.