Bad Beats and Badder Beats

I went to the Vic about a month to 3 weeks ago and since then, I've come home to find my house is Bad Beats-Ville, population ME!

The latest one, I get 9 5 os and I hit two pair, the other dude has 99.... maybe it's me, maybe I just play so bad that I induce bad beats... but I don't think so!

It's weird whenever I have a hand, someone has a better hand. I had KJ and some dude had A2, i paired my jack and he paired his ace, and cos it's the micros there is no way for me to shake him, as it's the classic, I've got an Ace must have the best hand... even though the other dude can have 2 pair! No matter how he bets or if he check raises me gonna hang onto this ace and collect my pot, cos I'm awesome! Yea right....

So me and my buddy have discussed this for hours recently, read articles and woke up in cold sweats. The question is: "How do I play poker when I cannot bluff, when the value of a bet means nothing and when of course everyone can very easily reload!?"

You might have read the earlier post and the chat I had which was good and informative. But is that guy really playing poker? I mean why do we play poker? If you play at micros are you playing for cash? God no we play for fun!" And my buddy said to me...

"Is it really that much fun grinding away every night, playing these donks for 25c profit!"

Well no it's not.

So what can you do about it?

Re-load and leave the micro's behind. And step up to the low limit stakes. I have enough poker skill and knowledge to hold my own there, and I think I can turn more profit by Friday than I could ever do at 2/5c?

So thats my experiment for the week. And I'll have to see what happens. Starting tonight.

(If I actually have enough balls to do it!)

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