Oh man, me and my poker buddy (author in waiting) Pablo Bueno both play the 10/25c, but we both play a completely different game. I asked him what the biggest pot he had played recently was and he replied "$8 I think"..... Oh I wish!

I enjoyed (or didn't enjoy) a $40 swing last night.... I lost $20 when I got it all in with queens against aces, and I just played that hand horrible... When I first started playing, it was always oh I played that hand perfectly, oh I did this and he played 5 2 os after calling my 3xBB pre-flop raise... as I have played more hands, I have realized that I play bad sometimes... hey we all do.. go watch a Phil Hellmuth game, he tells everyone!

I berated myself, knowing I had lost all my weekends' work and then some...

I sat down and got aggressive... I was on a slight tilt... but I started re-raising when I had a hand instead of flat calling... I made people pay to beat me if they had a better hand... and then I hit cards... I hit a lot of cards.. I had KAos twice and KK four times! The pinnacle of it all was when I won a $26 pot with KAos and the flop came down A 7 A... so sick... after I won that hand, I retired from the cash games for the night and played a 6 max SnG... and I won that! So even though I went on a $48 winning streak, I'd rather be playing small pots for like $4 here and there, like Pablo does, I really would. Perhaps we could swap poker souls for a night, I think he'd like to experience one of these $40 pots.

No really, I think he really would!

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