Flushes and the WSOP....

So I didn't play Wednesday, I had to do other stuff with real people...

But I played last night and I had about a $15 swing, ending in a $5 profit! Last night was a really satisfying night of poker, didn't really catch any big hole cards pairs, only queens all night, and I got jacks about 4 times... made a flush off one of them... but I didn't hit a straight all night, no trips, no two pair and no full house... so with that in mind it was cool - no, very cool - to walk away with $5 profit, considering at one point I was $10 down.... concentration is the key!

I grinded all night, and I had two big hands, which got me even and then put me into profit for the night. The first hand was a little bit tricky from me and I guess a little lucky as well. I had 6h 4h UTG and I min raised. I got called by this dude who had re-raised me a few hands before, when I was sure he was bluffing, but I laid down that time.

The flop came Ad 10h Qh and I have a flush draw. I bet like 50c into a $1.20-ish pot and he re-raises me again to $1.50... I have to admit it kinda pissed me off... but I thought to myself.. this guy either has AQ or trip Qs, something like that... the pot odds weren't great but not that bad either, with that all floating around in my mind, I called.... an interesting card for me, a Js.... now he could have completed his straight with a king... I felt well and truly beaten now and checked... expecting a bet from him... but he checks too... I now knew he didn't have a king, so no straight for him.... so what comes on the river Kh!!!! OK so I've made the flush... and he had $4 left and the pot was $4 dollars, so any bet he's gonna raise to all in... so I put him all in and he flips over Ah 10s... I don't know if he thought it was a split pot...but he obviously didn't see the flush... and I did.... never won a flush on two low cards like that before though.....

I had QQ against him later and he got his short stack in there pre-flop (he was tilting at this point) he has A 10 and my queens held up and I was in profit! Woo-Hoo!

I had to really grind and make sure my focus didn't slip for one hand and waited for a bit of luck and a bit of tilt and I got some profit! Hopefully tonight I can catch a few cards on the flop and it won't be as much of a struggle as last night was!

PHIL IVEY braclet number 6... this world series of poker is great... lots of competitors... and seems that Ivey is in good form.... It must be so cool right now to be in the Rio with all the best players in the world... must be like star spotting... Doyle says that he can feel number 11 coming in the mixed 10k... now that would be sick!

Check out Poker After Dark's hecklers week... Sam Grizzle and of course Phil Hellmuth are so funny!

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