Nuggets of Information - Part 2

Here's the next part of my conversation with a fellow frustrated micro stakes cash player. I think he makes some very good points:

pokerplayer: In terms of BB/100 profitability this is the most profitable game out there.

behindontheflop: the micros?

pokerplayer: Yeah. I'm not talking in terms of dollars, just Big Bets per 100 hands. Most people are considered playing good at the higher limits if they average like 2-5 Big Bets per 100 hands. But a good player on the micros can average 15-20+. I think I average somewhere around the 7.5 area

behindontheflop: how long you been playing?

pokerplayer: I've only been playing seriously for about 2 or 3 months myself. I think my first day playing, like a year ago. I deposited $50 and lost it within 24 hours.

behindontheflop: can I ask... is your hand range quite wide on these tables or fairly tight?

pokerplayer: It depends on your point of view. Right now, I've got two pair. I don't play garbage hands. I won't play ace-rag, for instance. I think my bottom limit is like, A9o.

behindontheflop: i try not to play any face card with a kicker lower than 10.

pokerplayer: That's probably smart. I play suited connectors. I'll play suited aces most of the time. I won't play any king though. Like K6 suited, I would never play that. Even K8s. Hell, even K9s unless I'm on the button. I'd say that I'm appropriately cautious for these limits.

behindontheflop: I just get so frustrated when people go in pre flop to like 60c or 70c.

pokerplayer: Well, most people don't know the difference between cash games and tournaments. And they see these guys on edited WSOP tournaments on TV shoving pre-flop every hand and they really think that's what poker's all about.

behindontheflop: it's a shame the mechanics of poker don't translate from high to micro...

pokerplayer: If somebody raises and re-raises pre-flop. I'm not touching that hand unless I have AA KK or QQ. I'd probably muck AKs.

behindontheflop: really... AK?

pokerplayer: AK is gonna lose to pocket deuces more often than not. Keep in mind that AK is a drawing hand. And drawing hands miss 2/3rds of the time.

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