Is My Experiement Working?

So I reloaded last night... and I finally got to play some poker!

I sat down at the 10/25c tables, and I must admit that I still had my 2/5c hat on and I quickly blew $10. All my months of frustrations playing donks were obviously still there. And even though I knew I was playing a better standard of player, for about an hour I was like, "these donks just have anything, I called with my QAos cos they won't have an ace.... yea but they have a boarded pair of jacks, you moron".... and so I stopped made some dinner and kept repeating to myself "why do these dudes always have a better hand than me!" Then it dawned on me these dudes always have a better hand than me cos you're only playing your hand! I had been playing my hand for so long I had forgotten that the other players have cards as well!

So you're reading this right now and thinking, Wow this guy really is a dick! But wait! You see when playing 2/5c tables, you cannot read the other players, you can't even presume to guess what they might have. And why? Well, they don't know the value of their hands, these guys will raise it to 25c pre-flop on the 2/5c tables with KA... a drawing hand, which could get easily beaten by pocket 9s. The point being you cannot read what they have pre-flop because they really don't know how to value it! And of course if they raise it up pre flop on the 2/5c to 25c and have say AJ and the board comes down K 8 4, they will continuation bet, even though they could be destroyed by a fellow donk who is play K 3 for example!

Anyways enough about the jungle folk.... back to the poker peeps up in 10/25c....

So I started reading hands on pre-flop.... and most of the time like 60-70% of time the following occurs:

pre-flop call - medium -quite high pocket pairs or a suited connector like 7 8
pre-flop min raise - K 10 A J Q A pocket 9s pocket 10s A 10 K10 - stuff like that
pre-flop 3xBB raise - AA KK QQ JJ AK - for sure without a doubt....

Don't take this as the absolute truth, but this is what I found last night. And maybe when I play again, I might find this isn't the way, but I played three different tables last night and that was the way for ALL three.

So once you can make this kind of guess, the game is a lot easier, you can narrow the range of your opponents hands, and once you've called... you know where you are.... Lets put it this way when I lost a load on my QAos if I had realized he called my min raise, then called my flop and turn bet.... he obviously had a jack or something on the board.... but not pockets.... could have saved myself some money!

Also on the 2/5c tables you see the river 6-7 times out of every 10 hands, on these tables you see the river every 3-4 hands out of 10 and the showdown, every 3-4 outta 20 hands!!! What does that tell you!

Anyways, on the third table I joined, on the 6th hand, I get pocket 8s. I'm UTG or near it... and I decided to get a little tricky and raise it up 3xBB (I almost folded, it did cross my mind)... two callers... the board comes down 8 Q 9.... and I put a continuation bet in of $1.75. One caller folds the other calls.... I cannot remember the turn but it was a brick... I bet $2.25 into a $5-6pot... and the other dude puts me all in. Instantly that said to me, this guys got pocket Qs or he is semi bluffing with a draw.... and I called... expecting another bad beat...

I had trip 8s, he had a heart flush draw.... no heart on the river and I take down a $40 pot for a healthy $10 profit on the night! (as opposed to 37c!).... it just felt good to not have a bad beat for once, and for a massive pot... but I don't intend to play pots like that too often, they're easy come and easy go.... after a month of bad beats.... I'm ready to play POKER with my new 10/25c buddies and grind out a few dollars a night if I am lucky enough.... and if I hardly go to the river or a showdown, I won't be able to get a bad beat... now that sounds good to me!

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