An Up, Down and Up Runner Runner Flush Weekend!

WOW! I simply seem to get flushes at the moment (not the red and hot kind).... and seemingly for some big cash! It's weird I played all weekend, got trips once, flopped a full house once, but got about 4 or 5 flushes? Weird hey?

Friday, from what I remember was a successful night, the odd pot here and there, but I remember being up around $15 by the time I retired for the evening.

Saturday was a different day completely. It all started when I called a big pre-flop re-raise with QA suited. The flop gave me a nut flush draw (surprise surprise) and by the river I managed to get my complete $20 stack in the middle. Needless to say I missed the flush and I was down $20 to start the day. The profit I had grinded out on Thursday and Friday and - GONE in 25 mins... I walked around the house berating myself for playing so poorly, my friend said I was acting like Phil Hellmuth, if only I had, I wouldn't have lost $20!

So I sit down and start playing a little steaming, but not to much.... After about another 10 mins or so, I get AJ so I go to the flop with some other dude... and the flop comes down AAQ... OK i've got trip A's here... great.... He checks... I fire out a barrell... he calls.... OK.... turn comes... I fire another barrel.... he calls again.... Hold on whats going on here... I check the river... he fires out a weak, defensive bet... I call.... and bam he's got QA... oh thats a great beat to have after I played so poorly the hand before!?

So I was about $34 down now... and it wasn't even lunch.... oh man.. all that hard work, when I wasn't catching cards and running cards dead the days before... and it had gone in 2 hours of play....

So i had some lunch... and I came back and started playing again... I managed to get some luck.. and hit trip Kings against trip 6's on the flop... and the dude got it all in on the river... that was for a $32 pot.. so I was about half to getting my money back... I lost about another $7 by the end of the day.. leaving me $30 down for the day.

Frustrating was not the word and as I already knew, easy come, easy go.... and so Sunday... I did well in my first post-lunch session and made about $5 profit....

After this session I started again and this time, it seemed a little like the god's were against me... I was hitting hands but other players had better hands... and I lost the $5 pretty quickly....then i got really lucky and but also had my gamble re-paid!

I got Jc 10c dealt to me and I post a min raise to 50c... the other dude re-raises me to $1.50... and I had noticed that he had been re-raising pre-flop a lot... maybe I was a little pissed off as well, but I called... flop came down 4c 9h Qh.... Ok so I've got an open ended straight draw... he fires out $1.50, so at this point I put him on queens with a good kicker QK, QA, QJ... so I decided that this guy is gonna have to pay for his two pair and I re-raise him to $3... the next play was weird but also a massive tell.... (each of us have about $20 stacks btw) he fires out a 3 bet of $12... so I'm like WTF is that? $12 dollars.... OK this guy has a hand... he must have trip Queens... or Kings or Aces... but he has to have two pair in his hand to bet that hard and that strong.... Well I've still got my flush draw.... and he hasn't put me all in on this street, though I might have to shove the rest on the turn... but that much money, speaks of desperation to me..if he did have trip Queens (or even trip 9s) would you really shove that much... surely you'd want to get the maximum out of me?... and he knows I'm playing tight.... thats it; he doesn't want me to call him... so I call the $12 and bam on the turn, Qc... oh right this guys got quads... no way has he got quads.... he shoves me all in.... I've still got outs and now I've got a flush draw as well.... I called and BAM a 9 of clubs on the river and $40 ships itself my way.... his hand; pocket Aces!....

So all in all I am in profit again, good healthy profit..... right I gotta go now and see if kid poker has got another bracelet!

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